Thursday, December 25, 2008

This is Getting Ridiculous

I have a Facebook account. It's true.

I also have an e-mail account.

Both accounts are used multiple times per day (not the Facebox account, as I can't access it at school, but I check it at home after school... still multiple times, but on a slightly smaller scale of multiple). I don't feel too terribly bad about this.

Not one bit.

I also use the GMail Notifier (both on my mac and on my PC), which is nice, because it pops up a notification when I get an e-mail (meaning that I don't have to keep my browser open if I want to know whether or not I'm receiving e-mails)... hence the name.

The Gmail notifier even sounds a tone when I'm typing lesson plans feverishly in my word processor (Open Office, yo!), or, more likely, blasting zombies in Left 4 Dead.

This is useful. It lets me know when I have e-mails. Even better, it pops up a little notification thingy letting me know if I have e-mails from real people, or that contain useful information (like where to go if I want cheap prescription drugs (read: penis enhancement) and/or pornography).

But it's getting out of hand. Before I started that last paragraph (the one with the word "penis" in it), my GMail notifier popped up, telling me that I had an e-mail. The e-mail, of course, was from the Facebook people, telling me that someone wrote on my wall. This is not an uncommon event.

So, I click on the little notification, which opens up my inbox. Then I open up the offending e-mail and click on the link that takes me to my Facebook page, at which point I can read the thing on my wall, and, should I feel inclined, respond to it (lately, it's mostly a series of "Your face" jokes... I might be at least partially responsible for this).

So, I get notifications... that tell me that I'm getting notifications... that someone communicated with/to me.

The next logical step, of course: set up my notifiers so that they send notification to my phone, which then forwards it to a courier service, who then prints out a hard copy and delivers it by carrier pigeon, but calls me first to tell me that the pigeons have been sent.

This is all entirely ridiculous.

Of course, I'm not about to change it.