Friday, July 11, 2008

The Lincoln Slam Team Feature Performance

So, one of the perks of this summer is that I get to be on Lincoln's Slam Poetry team. This is awesome. We've been spending the summer prepping for the National Poetry Slam (Aug 3-9 in Madison, WI), which this year apparently is emphasizing group pieces (poems with more than one person on the stage).

To that end, we've been working almost solely on group poems all summer. And last night, we finally got to test them out in front of a live audience. Granted, this entailed some feverish memorizing, and more than a bit of the ol' elevated blood pressure and hand-wringing from Ryan (the team coach and manager), but it was awesome to finally get to perform these poems somewhere other than Ryan's living room.

To that end, here's the performance (divided up into 3 parts for your viewing pleasure):

Part 1: "Test", "Unicorn", "Dear Student"

Part 2: "Vagina", "Gravity", "Magyarazni (The Hungarian Poem)"

Part 3: "Cannibal Love Poem", "Blue Shirt", "Dig Slow, Make Bones From Poems (The ASL Poem)"

The performances are still a bit rough (some of these were memorized that morning), but we've got 9 poems in the can, which leaves us to spend the rest of the summer tuning and perfecting, and it's a great feeling to know that we've got this much done already.