Friday, July 4, 2008

Things I Am Extremely Excited About, July 4th Edition

1) We are doing a poem next Thursday in Hungarian. And another in Sign Language. This is more awesome than I dare to quantify.

2) Federbot v. Nadal @ Wimbledon. Here's hoping for another 5-setter.

3) My "Chronicles of a First Year Teacher" project is starting to shape up nicely... now to keep pushing people so that they're all on-board.

4) On a similar note, my educational "Wiki" site is also shaping up nicely. To do: Build my grading policies (and run them by my administrators), figure out how to integrate my calendars and whatnot onto the site, and most importantly, rough out a plan for the first quarter/semester/year.

5) We are doing a poem in Hungarian and another in Sign Language on Thursday!

6) "Redwood Spines" (see old draft below) is 10x funnier, and also at least twice as ribald.

7) I'll get to see Shira Erlichman perform in about a month. If the chance to see Shira Erlichman does not sound exciting, you sincerely need to re-examine your priorities.