Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Madison, Day 1, pt. 2

It's just a bit after 1:20 am on Wednesday as I write this. We've just finished a really long friggin' day... by which I mean possibly one of the best days I've ever had.

Here are reasons:

1) We won our first bout (against Sacramento, Mesa (AZ), and Columbus Black Pearl (OH)) by a pretty decent margin. Highlights include an Indy by Will Evans that gave me chills, and Ross nailing the highest score in the bout with "Test".

Big Poppa E ran the bout (he gave me a book of haiku), and just nailed everything. He's awesome. And reminds me of Kevin Spacey. I'm not sure why.

2) Immediately after our bout, we watched NYC-LouderArts, White Plains, Hampshire College and Flagstaff (AZ)); LouderArts is amazing... just downright amazing. Hampshire College came out swinging and did not disappoint me in the least.

White Plains sent up Anne-Marie (who, I swear, has to be old enough to be my mother); she read a highly charged (read: sexual metaphors throughout) piece about poetry-writing... after the poem was over, Roger BonAir-Agard turned to JohnMark and I and said "I love America. I LOVE America".

Then Rachel McKibbens made us all cry. And no one was ashamed of this.

Other highlights: another fellow from White Plains reading a love poem to a Victoria's Secret mannequin... full of puns. There was very much a moment where he said that he was the cure for Mannequin Depression.

I was pleased.

Very pleased.

3) Eating pizza with the Denver Merc kids. Kenny Arkind and I had the same beverage. It was delightful.

At this point, if I take in any more words, my brain will explode and I will never be able to speak again. It's time to fall asleep.